Joshua Harrowell

Full Stack Developer

I'm a self-driven developer with over 3 years experience. Due to graduate in 2019, I'm studying Computer Science at the University of Brighton and currently work for 15gifts alongside my studies.

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O2 Flexible Tariffs

As part of a change of proposition at O2, I reimplemented their solution for offering flexible tariffs for our codebase. I wrote this in a modular way so multiple interfaces such as sliders can be used with the same underlying data. This was implemented on both the Retail & Web product.

Insurance Plan Purchase

At 15gifts we help some of the worlds leading telco and media companies provide intelligent recommendations for their customers. I worked on the ability to purchase an insurance plan on our new front-end built on React, Redux and Webpack.

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Omnichannel Emails

As part of 15gifts' omnichannel strategy, I wrote the backend and frontend functionality for saving and emailing in-store recommendations which the customer can then use to complete the sale online or in-store at another time.


Prior to joining 15gifts I created a command line device spec scraper in JavaScript. Since then I've made a prototype version in Python and I'm going to be expanding this into a usable internal product for 15gifts as my final year project as part of my Computer Science degree.

Contract Comparison API

Using Python and Flask, I've developed an API for calculating the differences between getting a regular phone contract versus buying the phone outright and getting a sim only contract. I used a JavaScript version whilst working at Three to assist with the sales process.

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